Into the Startup Space

December 13, 2021

EdScreening was accepted into a startup space. Now I need to figure out why I applied.

When someone mentioned the idea to me, I couldn’t think why I should apply. I’m used to a bootstrapped mindset. But the idea gained appeal over time.

The space is UTS Startups, which looks like a great space. He’s the list of pros as I see it:

  • Energy – startups have a different energy, and I enjoy that vibe
  • Community – I’ve heard enough people say connections and community are super important, and this looks like a great place for a like-minded community
  • Investors – I’m starting to think that once we have proven product/market fit and a scalable marketing channel, it may be a good idea to hook up with some investors
  • Meetups – This place hosts talks and networking meetups for different topics around the startup space, which may be super cool to attend
  • Location – It’s a five-minute walk from my kids’ school. Next year that will be more important, as Toby starts high school, and his schedule won’t match Dylan’s.

Downsides, none that I can think of. There’s no cost and they don’t take any equity. There is an obligation to help other founders out, and do an occasional talk, but I’m thinking that’s more of a positive than a negative as it kicks in learning.

But, most significantly, this seems like a real step forwards. A shift in mindset. I think this will shift my thinking on EdScreening and be highly motivating.

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Written by Adrian Gray making games in Sydney. Find him on Mastodon or Twitter.